Company History

Konica Minolta is one of the world’s leading company in significant businesses sectors such as professional printing, healthcare, office automation, and industrial.

Konica and Minolta embarked on their individual journey in 1873 and 1928 respectively. In 2003, they come together as the giant that we know of as Konica Minolta.

Let's briefly revisit these individual companies journey through time.

Konica – Since 1873

In 1873, a Japanese man named Rokusaburo in Kojimachi, Tokyo started Konica Corporation by selling lithographic and photographic materials. In the early 20th century, the company had developed its first branded Japanese camera and a variety of quality photographic products

Comprehensive History of Konica Chronologically

1873 Start-up of Konica Corporation

1903 Launch of The Cherry Hand Camera – the first Japanese branded camera

1933 Launch of Sakura X-ray Film – the first Japanese-made X-ray film

1940 Launch of Sakura Natural colour Film – the first Japanese-made colour film

1971 Launch of U-Bix 480 – first plain paper Japanese copier

1975 Launch of Konica C 35 CF – the world’s very first 35 mm camera with built-in flash

1984 Launch of Ultra-high-precision aspheric lens for CD players

2000 Fully launched business for TAC films

The first plain paper Japanese copier - U-Bix480

Minolta- Since 1928