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Why You Should Service Your Office Copiers / Multifunction Printers Regularly

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

What is the Importance of Printer and Photocopier Maintenance?

Multi Functional Printers (MFPs) and Copier Machines play an indispensable role in the smooth functioning of any office. Although it seems that we are living in a highly Tech-Enabled Singapore where everything seems to have been digitized, we still cannot support nor maintain a complete paperless office as of date (2021).

Looking at its importance, it would not be futile to invest some amount of money in its maintenance, bar normal wear and tear.

Unfortunately, some SMEs and MNCs alike, do not pay much attention to the maintenance of these office equipment, because of the misconception that it would put an unnecessary burden on their budget. However, they may be failing to understand that this would rather increase their expenses in the long run.

How Can Servicing Increase Office Equipment's Useful lifespan?

Start treating your existing equipment as assets, just like how you would treat your staff members; it performs as a team member and produces productive results based on your requirements.

If you ignore its presence, it would stop performing just like human beings.

Thus, to keep your office equipment in optimal running shape and to increase its life, a regular interval of photocopier servicing is quite essential.

By doing this, you will start noticing a gradual reduction in drainage of your budget and minimal machine downtime nor the need for any emergency repairs.

What are the Main Reasons for the Breakdown of Printers and Copiers?

Paper Jam

This is the most common cause of failure of the machine.

With the help of mechanical rollers and grips, paper moves in the printer and any disturbance in the alignment, or bumps on the roller can lead to a paper jam. However, this can be reduced by regular maintenance of the printer.

Blockages and Head Leaks

You may notice ink leaked impression of the paper while printing, this is due to head leaks and blockage in the printer.

To prevent this, regular cleaning should be done as part of a comprehensive copier maintenance regime.

Dust Attack

Often printers and photocopier machines may malfunction because of dust accumulated on their parts.

While servicing, your technician might notice that misalignment and short circuits on the electronic circuit boards are due to dust.

To avoid this, always keep your machine dust-free.

Failure to keep Drivers and Software updated

Many times, rather than hardware issues, you may notice software incompatibility is the main issue.

A printer or copier can run properly only when drivers are compatible with the software.

Make sure that you are using the newest software and always keep your device away from viruses or malware.

How Malfunctioning Printer and Copier can be Reduced?

Note: Apart from the first 2 tips listed, all other tips require a qualified and experienced vendor or technician to support and solve. We do not recommend you attempt any repair or service by yourself.

Use it Regularly

The ink of some copier machines might dry out when it is not in use for a prolonged period of time. For the good health of the printer or copier, use it regularly as possible.

Turn off the Device

Switch off the device when it is not in use, by doing this it will help increase the life of the device and consumables. It won’t dry up the ink of the printer and would generally, never worsen the performance of the printer/ copier.

Read the Manual Carefully

It might be a time-consuming task but its results are extremely helpful. This educates you about all the functions and requirements of the device. Once you are acquainted with the manual, it will help you significantly to minimize regular breakdowns.

Optimize Chemical Cleaning Solutions

The majority of printer cleaning solutions are Isopropyl Alcohol-based because these solutions dry out rapidly and easily take out buildup from internal guides, separation pads, and rollers. Always remember to avoid applying this chemical on parts that don't require it.

Use a towel or lint-free cloth while servicing

The main reason behind its usage is that it doesn’t leave any sort of additional material behind while servicing the machine. Use anti-static fabric too to remove dust after the cleaning process.

Use Vacuum

Instead of using a blower which usually spreads the dust around the machine and settles in inaccessible areas, use a vacuum to suck up dust from the device.

What are the Benefits of Regular Maintenance of Copier and Printer?

Now that we know you have understood the implications of service maintenance. Make it your regular practice and fetch the below-mentioned benefits from it:

Minimizes Malfunction

Regular maintenance of the device not only minimizes its malfunction but also helps in accelerating the productivity level in the office as you have rid yourself from a faulty machine. A managed device with a good printing quality puts a good impression on the mind of clients.

Minimizes Sudden Breakdowns

With the help of regular maintenance service, a technician can hold a grip on the unexpected breakdown of the device by spotting problems beforehand.

Sudden breakdowns can lead to financial loss, project delays, and a negative impact on the reputation of the business.

Minimizes Costly Repairs

Usage of any form of photocopier machine would cause wear and tear, there is no denying this fact. However, along with proper installation, regular maintenance would minimize the repair cost of the device which means you get the best return for the price you had invested.

If maintenance is done regularly a possible massive expense can be settled by just replacing the faulty part only. The moving parts and electronic components, failing to carry out copier service can eventually lead to tragic failures. That is why regular maintenance service is necessary.

Improved Copier/Multi Functional Printer Performance

Along with unexpected malfunction, or detection of faulty parts, it also accelerates the performance of the device. Periodic services clean out the device from inside which eventually improves its performance.

Prompt Repair and Assistance

Entering into a service contract (SLA) with a reputed service provider can offer you ample benefits like instant service calls on a faulty device, or copier repair and maintenance, quickest availability of faulty parts, and updated software. Experienced Print Solutions Companies in Singapore offer service and preventative maintenance packages through a comprehensive maintenance agreement.

Maximize Security Levels

It protects you from the risk of a data breach which is getting quite common these days. Updated software and patches reduce the vulnerability to being hacked.

Avoid Slow Processing

If you are not using the latest software and drivers, this could make your device slow. Another case would be that it might be infected by a virus or malware. Regular upkeep helps in avoiding these problems and improves the processing of the device.

When is an Ideal Time to Schedule a Multi Functional Printer or Copier Servicing?

The most ideal time would be when a device is not in use or not operational. The downtime can be long in case of major issues. Thus, to avoid unnecessary disruptions in the smooth functioning of the office, schedule it after office hours or on a holiday.


Choose the right vendor or company in Singapore, with the experience and correct skill sets to maintain your equipment. They ideally must be every-ready in assisting you to solve any issues or support that you might require.

Get it Done Today. Contact us by Phone or Email Now! :)

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